LOWE® Raises the Standard with New BP-Series Gear Reduction Auger Drives

Featuring LOWE® Designed and Manufactured Planetary Gearboxes and Other Enhancements.  All this at a Lower Price than Previous LOWE® Gear Models.

LOWE’s existing auger attachments are known world-wide for exceptional performance, durability and value.  Now the new LOWE® BP-Series planetary reduction auger drives bring new elements of performance and dependability to the attachment marketplace.

Key features of the new BP-Series include:

•    LOWE® designed planetary gearboxes specifically for auger attachment use.
•    Made in the LOWE® factory with USA castings, gears, motors, and other components.
•    An estimated 20 percent increase in gear strength over previous LOWE® models and far more strength than the competition.
•    An even stronger shaft bearing support than previous models.
•    A through hardened alloy drive shaft with unbreakable performance.
•    A high grade shaft seal with increased durability over competitors.
•    A zero leak motor mount.
•    A new design attachment fastening system with superior strength and durability.

All of this comes with a new FIVE (5) YEAR Limited REPAIR or REPLACE WARRANTY on the BP gearbox.  Should anything go wrong with your new LOWE® BP gearbox that is covered by warranty within that period, simply send it back to LOWE® and it will be repaired or replaced by trained factory personnel.

LOWE® is also offering special package pricing in addition to the already lower base price.  For details on this and for other information on LOWE® products, please contact LOWE® at 1-800/356-9180, or visit us on our website at www.loweman.com.  

Lowe auger attachments are designed for use on compact loaders, mini-loaders, small excavators, wheel loaders, cranes, compact utility tractors, backhoes, tele-handlers, and other types of hydraulic equipment.  The company has produced attachments since 1971.  BP-Series units will be available as of January 2016.