We offer THREE outstanding lines of augers:
The Classic Series, the BP Series and the new TJ-100.


The Classic Series drive units have features not found even on competitor’s more costly products. Five models are available to best match your machinery and applications. Features include:

  • a virtually unbreakable drive shaft
  • premium hydraulic motors
  • heavy duty reduction drive
  • solid unit construction
  • high-quality protected hose routing

Classic Series units offer a no extra cost choice between a round or a hex drive shaft. All of this comes at a price FAR less than the competition.

Classics are well named. They are our most popular augers and are so well recognized their very appearance is a protected design.  We have several Classic Series augers to choose from.  Which one is right for you? Download our brochure with specs.


The new BP-Series planetary reduction auger drives bring new elements of performance and dependability to the attachment marketplace.

  • An estimated 20% increase in gear strength over previous LOWE models and far more strength than the competition.
  • An even stronger shaft bearing support than previous models.
  • A through hardened alloy drive shaft with unbreakable performance.
  • A high grade shaft seal with increased durability over competitors.
  • A zero leak motor mount.
  • A new design attachment fastening system with superior strength and durability.

All of this comes with a new FIVE (5) YEAR Limited REPAIR or REPLACE WARRANTY on the BP gearbox. Download our brochure with specifications.

THE TJ-100

New TJ-100 Gear Reduction Auger Drive Unit with Innovative New Mounting System

  • Featuring a LOWE® designed and manufactured gearbox. Made in the USA.
  • For Mini-Loaders with Toro-Dingo* compatible mountings and other brands of smaller machinery.
  • Innovative new high lift mounting has better carrying stability and allows use of four foot (1.3m) long augers.
  • Unit has fully protected hydraulic hoses.
  • Choose either a 2 inch (51mm) hex shaft or a2 9/16 inch (65mm) round shaft.
  • Use augers up to a 36 inch diameter (914mm)  depending upon conditions.
  • Backed by a five-year repair or replace warranty on the gearbox.

Download the TJ-100 brochure.

*Toro and Dingo are registered trademarks of the Toro Company.

LOWE® also manufactures a complete line of auger bits and mounting accessories to best fit your machinery and jobs. These “Made in USA” products all offer extra features for performance and durability that set them apart from the competition.